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Welcome to Main Street Museum 

Thank you for visiting and exploring our great town. The historic charm of the 1900's is exactly what you will experience when visiting Main Street Museum. Walk through the brick-lined streets and discover the grandeur of our bygone past. Main Street was once where communities came together to shop, for entertainment, and to live life together. Guests visiting Main Street Museum will experience life as it once was.    


Located in the Midwest, we are conveniently located close to interstate 44. Main Street Museum consists of 55,000 square feet of architectural artifacts, historic antiques, and famous memorabilia collected from many well-known historical sites in the United States. Visiting Main Street Museum is by appointment only. Please click here to request information about planning your visit. 

Featured Exhibits

Main Street Museum is stocked full of architectural artifacts, historic antiques, and famous memorabilia collected from many well-known historical sites in the United States. There is much to explore at Main Street Museum, including more than 30 different full-size exhibits, immersing guests back into the 1900's.

Main Street at Main Street Museum
Main Street
Toy Store at Main Street Museum
Toy Store
White Castle at Main Street Museum
White Castle
Yosemite Stagecoach at Main Street Museum
Train Depot Mural at Main Street Museum
Train Depot
Storefront of Parkway Theater at Main Street Museum
Parkway Theater
Pullman Traincar at Main Street Museum
Pullman Train Car
Storefront of General Store at Main Street Museum
General Store
Farris Wheel and Historic Butcher at Main Street Museum
City Fair
Inside of he Saloon at Main Street Museum
Drug Store at Main Street Museum
Drug Store
Trolley at Main Street Museum

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